The Joy Of Growing

7 Day Growth

7 Day Growth

I’m immensely happy report to that my “reliable” Seedless Pink Reliance Grape is growing by the second. I took this picture last Friday, one week after planting it in an EarthBox container garden. It was right after a thunderstorm too, obviously, from all the water sitting atop the “mulch cover” as it is called by the folks at EarthBox. [Incidentally, that thunderstorm produced a lightening bolt that struck the very floor of the building I work in (the top), sending us all home early on a Friday! Thank you, Mother Earth!!]

This is what it looks like today. Amazing!

Proof Life Exists

Almost 2 Week Growth

(And by the looks of that retaining wall in the background, the building isn’t the only thing in need of a facelift. Whoa!)

There is even NEW growth on that one, as you can see.

buds on pink seedless grapevine

New Buds Even!

I couldn’t be happier with this plant. Now, the other plant has me a bit worried. “The Stick” (as it shall remain aptly named until I see proof that it deserves more prosperous nomenclature) is still a stick.  

the stick

“The Stick”

In fact, I’m worried enough that I emailed Gurney’s customer service today and referred them to my blog so they could check it out. I’m still waiting to hear back. That said, my optimism isn’t waning. I am hopeful Mother Earth will prevail.

To Mother Earth,

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