About Heather’s Homegrown

My name is Heather, and at 9pm on a Friday night when many single ladies are out partying, I’m home planting. Why? Not because I’m unpopular (at least I don’t think I am), but because I’ve decided to undertake an endeavor in container gardening – specifically an experiment in “EarthBoxing”.

Why? Because I like to cook and eat healthy food, and buying organic is expensive. Plus, I like to watch things grow, become established, and produce. For me, it’s meditative, rewarding, and a constant reminder of the delicate state that exists between life and death. And too, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve enjoyed digging in the dirt. The dirt du jour just happens to occupy EarthBoxes on my apartment’s balcony.

I hope you’ll read along with my container gardening adventures, follow me by entering your email address in the field provided in the right hand sidebar, and learn (I predict mostly from my mistakes) a bit about growing lots of fruit and veggies in a small space. I might even inspire you to grow a garden of your own.

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